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The AireTalk video was a grand collaboration between the marketing team at AireTalk and the entire Still N Motion production team. “Connect Anywhere” is the AireTalk brand and we had the challenge of representing that message in a short commercial. Our deadline was tight and coincided with their product launch. We started researching and building a clear and creative script with tight collaboration with our clients. The concept was to show an individual in diverse locations around the globe and maintaining accurate and reliable communication.


Our budget did not allow us to shoot actual scenes on location in remote areas. Instead we acquired appropriate backgrounds from our library and stock houses. We actually shot two on location locally. These backgrounds were created in the exact configuration to allow inserting in, compositing, our traveler using green screen techniques in our studio. Our actor was carefully staged and lit to match each of the backgrounds. Every scene in this video was shot in RAW Slog, uncompressed HD, in our green screen studio. Advanced color grading was performed in post production to assure a proper match between talent and background.


Bridge Bank Manifesto

Camera Match

Green Screen

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