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Bridge Bank is an innovative business bank. They were looking to expand their market reach with unique service offerings and commitments. They wanted to create a memorable cache of videos that would resonate with their current and potential clients and partners. Our Producer, Pat Burns, worked directly with their marketing CEO in all phases of the production of six specific message videos from conceptualization through script writing all the way to the final edits. Their messaging needed to be expressed clearly and eloquently. The most notable and memorable of the videos was their “Manifesto” (see video below).

The script was polished several times for the perfect copy to fit their branding guidelines. They wanted to include all the employees of the bank in a “direct-to-the-lens” statement of Bridge Banks Manifesto (creed, proclamation, mission). After extensive direction and coaching, the employees were able to deliver a convincing and compelling Manifesto Video. Regardless of their experience on camera every employee from Bridge Bank let their personality shine and had a great time. In post production our team stitched everyone together into a single flowing message. The employees had so much fun they asked us to create an outtake reel. You can see how much work went into the final by looking at the outtakes.

Very fun project.

Bridge Bank Manifesto

Bridge Bank Bloopers (outtakes)

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