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“Describe your pain on a scale from one to ten.” We’ve all been asked that question. We’ve all wondered, “wow, that’s an arbitrary estimate. One persons three might be another persons ten.”

Well DyAnsys is changing all that. They have invented a device that accurately measures pain. More importantly the device can be used to administer pain therapy. Therapy that the inventor says could eliminate 70% of pain medication prescriptions in the United States.

The challenge was explaining the complex concept in a concise, accurate and rapid way. That’s where Still N Motion stepped in and collaborated with the inventor to draw out the story and develop a video that would be understood and appreciated by medical professionals challenged with supplying hospitals and clinics with the most important new medical devices available.

“Our client was excellent. They allowed us to challenge all their concepts and our collaboration delivered the most valuable sales tool in helping them land appropriate funding and achieving FDA approval”, Pat Burns, Producer/Director.

“This video was by far the most important and valuable sales and marketing tool we had in reaching our goals,” Srini Nageshwar, Founder/CEO, DyAnsys 

DyAnsys Sales Video

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