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Mona Khan is a highly successful dance troupe that was expanding into the fitness business with their division Bombay Jam. They were looking for a full studio to produce high quality cost effective exercise routines.

Still N Motion developed a unique recording technique for capturing synchronous live music and voice in studio on completely white infinity backgrounds.

Two challenges were apparent. Bombay Jam wanted to create 12 videos per single day session at an average run time of six minutes. This included setup, makeup of talent, practicing and restarts on mistakes. It was an aggressive proposition.

The Challenges:

First, the talent wanted loud studio monitors for the music so they could perform with enthusiasm. They also wanted big fans to keep them cool while they performed. They also wore wireless microphones that picked up all the studio noise.

Listen to the finished videos below and you can see that the technique we devised was very effective at delivering great quality background music and clear recordings of the instructor even though the music and fan noise was deafening during recording.

Secondly, the background was requested to be entirely white. When you move anything rapidly across a white background while recording at sound recording speeds of 30 frames per second you get “squeezed”. In other words, the moving element, specifically hands, arms and fingers start to disappear because the white background bleeds through the moving elements. Bombay Jam did not like high shutter speeds because the movement is not smooth.

Look at the sharpness of the edges (accutance) in our talent. Their appendages are crisp and clean, their shoes separate on the background and there are no shadows while their movements are smooth.

Still N Motion produced over 150 videos for Bombay Jam to complete their full offering of Bollywood Style exercise routines. The entire series matches perfectly.

Mona Khan Bambay Jam

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