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Kasimu Education Fund Documentary



In 2008 and 2010, Still N Motion traveled to Malawi, Africa to film a promotional video for the Kasimu Education Fund, KEF. The entire production of this video was donated by Still N Motion to enlighten our society of the benefits from this great program.


This remote area of Malawi has no running water or electricity. This posed an interesting challenge for our crew that was filming with digital cinema equipment. The 36 hour flight to Sub Saharan Africa required us to travel light packing only the most essential gear. Redundant parts and backups were planned precisely. There were no resources in Africa for repairs or replacements. Thanks to a turbo diesel 4 wheel drive Toyota we were able to charge batteries and run computers 24 hours a day.


KEF was founded in 2006 to build a successful K through 12 education system, the Kasimu School, in the village of Manyesa. The organization leaders, Bob and Mary Burns, have used this promotional video to dramatically expand their fund raising efforts for this great cause. Their ultimate goal is to assist the local villagers in their pursuit of self-sufficiency in the most impoverished area of the world. Besides providing guidance and funds for buildings, they have been providing food, shelter, and clothing.


Please watch the video below and help them expand their success.

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