Still 'N Motion'

Painting with Light

Merchant Cantos rented our studio for a multi-camera shoot for PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) in March. The shoot was part of an on going video series; so the videos must all look the same. The previous videos were shot on green screen and editors keyed in a gradient background. However, PWC wanted to reduce post […]

Perfecting our Color Grading

There are so many great cameras on the market today who knows what the next great camera will be. At Still N Motion we keep pace with this advancement and maintain competitive pricing by matching these diverse cameras in multiple camera configurations. We have done this using DaVinci Resolve 11. After extensive testing […]

Global Shutter vs. Rolling Shutter “The Jello Effect”

The “Jello-effect” occurs with rolling shutter CMOS cameras. It’s a disturbing effect that occurs most obviously when the camera pans or moves horizontal. This happens because the bottom and top  of your picture are recorded at different times. The picture is essentially skewed, like pulling a plate of jello. The top of the block of jello stays […]

The Future of Television

Television is in a rapid evolution. Q3, 2014 saw a dramatic drop in conventional TV viewing as many viewers opted for pay per view or internet streaming services. Over the past four years 18 to 24 year old audiences have cut their TV viewing by 30%. People are moving away from traditional linear viewing as reported by NAPTE […]